OT issues

OT issues

Edge computing

The solution consists of the acquisition, processing and pre-analysis of data at the end of the production line, i.e. near the production site.

The need to pre-process data near its creation arises from the fact that IIoT devices collect large amounts of data that need to be processed in real time and transferred to the cloud layer.

Edge computing in NAZCA 4.0

Integration of existing infrastructures

In most cases, it is possible to obtain data from the existing infrastructure without the need to expand the measuring systems or change the control system. Machines, robots or PLCs allow access to diagnostic data or control parameters via correspondingly configured communication protocols (OPC, Modbus, MQTT).

Without highlighting the potential of Industry 4.0, machines are a series of disconnected components that act as information silos ( at the same time limit the proper management of machinery, logistics, sales and production planning).


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