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NAZCA’s algorithms

Designation Performance indicators

Designation Performance indicators

Investigation of real maintenance costs taking into account the forecast of the operating model.

Search for correlations between process values

Search for correlations between process values

Algorithmic determination of the consequences of process changes and their impact on the profitability of the company.

Technology in NAZCA 4.0

OT issues

OT (Operational Technology) or systems comprise all devices and software used for managing and monitoring physical equipment like production machinery, pumps, railroad machines, etc. OT is central to enterprises and the business continuity of its manufacturing processes. Security is one of the most essential areas of cooperation between OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology). See how we address these issues in NAZCA 4.0.

IT issues

The fourth industrial revolution has yielded process automation and a new way of building the entire supply chain. In this new world of machines talking to machines or business partners’ external systems, and the data generated by hundreds and thousands of sensors being analyzed to optimize production, new challenges also arise. The IT world is a world of data, and where that data appears, the issue of digital security also comes into play. IT focuses on providing communication networks, access to data, applications, ensuring Data Center resources and securing all of these from a security angle. See how we have tackled these issues in NAZCA 4.0.

AI issues

Artificial intelligence is shifting manufacturing processes to a completely different level. From virtual assistants to advanced robotics, the various application areas of AI will bring about profound changes in traditional value chains. AI is also helping to improve procurement and operations management, reduce product development costs, and provide faster and more accurate responses to market changes. AI may become a factor in building competitive advantage and a determinant of how Polish companies can meet the demands of the industrial revolution that is underway.

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