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What is

The Living Lab (innovation lab) is a platform for testing new solutions for your company, with the participation of your employees, researchers and your customers.

The Living Lab will enable you to work on innovative solutions, diagnose your problems, analyze user needs, or design new services. You can also invite your clients for testing remotely or in CTTP40’s creative space.

Our Living Lab consists of:

Our Living Lab
consists of:

  • a production unit consisting of components from dozens of different suppliers who equip industrial production lines. Components can be exchanged at will and the line can be changed flexibly
  • The IIoT platform NAZCA 4.0 is used to manage and optimize automation in the production plant. The platform allows you to extract data from processes and machines and then analyze the available data

Our partners

Why is Living Lab beneficial to the company?

Living Lab brings a number of benefits to companies

a faster so-called time-to-market for innovations

More responsive innovation

Testing the operation of a part of the production line and machines in the real world before application in the organization

Possibility of diversification of the company’s income

Without highlighting the potential of Industry 4.0, machines are a series of disconnected components that act as information silos (and at the same time limit the proper management of machinery, logistics, sales and production planning).

Areas of activity

Examples of Living Labs areas of operation are:

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • agriculture and food products;
  • culture and creativity,
  • Energy, environment,
  • health and wellbeing,
  • social inclusion and innovation;
  • education;
  • Industry and production,
  • Media.

In Europe, Living Labs are coordinated by the European Network of Living Labs.

An example of a Living Lab

An example of
a Living Lab

CTTP 4.0 in EMT Systems Gliwice

The Industry 4. 0 Technology Test Center is a showroom developed by us, where you can take a close look at the production process according to Industry 4. 0. Solutions of the 4. 0 technology can be tested and seen in the real operation of machines and plants. This is where industry and science intersect.

The showroom can be seen at our headquarters in the Science and Technology Centre Gliwice Stara CECHOWNIA.

Leading organisations from the Polish and international business, education and industry have been invited to this project. The large cross-section of the solutions presented at the station guarantees sound knowledge and a good training base in the area of Industry 4. 0.

See how our living lab works live

Living Lab as an educational unit


Fly with us to Dubai

The subject of the competition is the presentation of a solution based on the development of an algorithm to search for anomalies in machine operation. We have invited scientific circles from Polish Technical Universities to participate in the competition.

The competition runs from 21 February 2022 to 31 October 2022.


For the winning team 3 days stay in DUBAY with attractions and visit of the most interesting places.

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