Industry 4.0 – Find out why changes are urgently needed

Author: Artur Sadzik, Project Industry 4.0 Manager, APA Group  The Fourth Generation Industry is a relevant response to the complex problems of the contemporary world. By the same token, it is an idea that must be implemented If you want to focus on progress in modern business. To this end, NAZCA 4.0 is providing support in […]

Prediction of energy consumption in the Industry 4.0 platform – Solutions overview

Authors: Sebastian Temich, Artur Pollak, Jacek Kucharczyk, Wojciech Ptasiński, Arkadiusz Mężyk, Damian Gąsiorek JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL AND APPLIED MECHANICS For a long time, scientific and technical work has focused on production management, which affects both the correctness of the process and the costs generated. An integral part of the management of the production process is […]

A Framework of Action for Implementation of Industry 4.0. an Empirically Based Research

Authors: Artur Pollak, Agata Hilarowicz, Maciej Walczak, Damian Gąsiorek Molecular Diversity Preservation International – Sustainability The article focuses on the introduction of Industry 4.0 in companies, the difficulties involved, and the limitations and challenges faced by the management of this process. The strength of the study lies in its empirical nature. The participants were 39 […]

Prediction of Belt Drive Faults in Case of Predictive Maintenance in Industry 4.0 Platform

Authors: Artur Pollak, Sebastian Temich, Wojciech Ptasiński, Jacek Kucharczyk, Damian Gąsiorek Molecular Diversity Preservation International – Applied Sciences The cost of continuous maintenance of production is one of the highest operating costs of production companies. Continuous diagnostics with anomaly analysis is a decisive factor in estimating the remaining service life of a component and thus […]

Effects of storage condition on the maintenance of production processes

Authors: Wojciech Ptasiński, Artur Pollak, Sebastian Temich, Damian Gąsiorek Napędy i Sterowanie, Today’s aspects of Industry 4.0 are focused on analyzing data, which is therefore crucial for maintaining the continuity of production processes. The aim of the study was to determine the classification of anomalies for bearing damage using neural networks.   In this […]

Artificial Industrial Intelligence – another breakthrough in the industry

Author: Artur Pollak, CEO APA Group Will artificial intelligence penetrate the factories permanently? Or is it just another technical innovation whose implementation will not change the character of the entire industry? We are investigating how this technology already affects production processes today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology based on machines capable of performing tasks […]

What is a data-driven company?

Author: Artur Sadzik, Project Industry 4.0 Manager, APA Group  Global consulting firms report that companies that use data analytics successfully achieve up to 20% better results (EY and Xplenty survey; Business Services Week). “Data-driven organization” is the slogan for Industry 4. 0. Numerous conferences and articles deal with this subject. But we often have a problem […]