MAN Starachowice

NAZCA 4.0 monitors and analyzes data from machines and plants and, on this basis, supports decision-making processes in the organization, making planning and management easier for executives.         Plan taking into account all aspects, including the unexpected.         Be up-to-date as a factory manager.         Machine […]

CTTP 4.0

NAZCA 4.0 collects, consolidates and visualizes data from all machines and devices in the Industry Technology 4.0 Test Center, enabling advanced analysis based on the algorithms of Industrial Artificial Intelligence. The CTTP40 is a fully functional, autonomous production cell with Industry 4.0 solutions.       Manage the demo center.         Monitor […]

KUKA Poland

NAZCA 4.0 manages the resources of the KUKA Polska training centre and monitors the condition of individual devices as well as the quality and consumption of media.       Manage the resources of the training center.           Monitor the state of robots and media.